2014 Disc Golf Events

  • Stadium Putting League | February - April, 2014 | The Stadium NW
  • Bad Monkey Open | Two day B Tier @ Leverich Park | June 28-29 | Registration May 1st
  • Next Adventure Amateur Championship | There will not be a 2014 NAAC | Returning August 2015


Welcome to our web site.

Our goal at Firefly Disc Golf is to run the best disc golf events and provide a valuable service to the disc golf community. We believe we offer some of the best tournaments, provide excellent course design advice, and promote our great sport through contacts with local clubs, parks departments and local businesses. We would love to do a better job so feel free to let us know how we can help you!

Thank You Next Adventure

The 2013 Next Adventure Amateur Championship was held at the prestigious Blue Lake Disc Golf Course in Fairview, Oregon, August 24th and 25th. The NAAC is the largest amateur only event on the West Coast and has become a must-play event thanks to Next Adventure and Firefly Disc Golf's combined efforts to bring together a great player's pack, awesome food, and a smoothly run tournament.

2013 Next Adventure Amateur Championship Official Video

NAAC Update

We're going to send out another email tomorrow, but here are a couple more notes:

Ace Pot

The ace pot this year will be $1,500. As always, that $1500 is in Next Adventure Scrip. More specific rules will be posted at TC. This money is not coming from your entry fees, it graciously fronted by Next Adventure and Bryan Knudsen. Thank them for their insane generosity if you hit an ace!


Scrip will be redeemed through Next Adventure and Next Adventure ONLY. There will be no on-site scrip redemption. Scrip redemption is one of the main reasons that Next Adventure can afford to go so overboard on the NAAC. After the awards ceremony, scrip certificates for payout will be handed out. You will be able to redeem the scrip the following morning at the store.

Ladies Birdie Bonus

Steve and I decided we would do a birdie bonus for the ladies. Any female golfer who gets cards a 2 on a par 3, or a 3 on a par 4 will receive a $25 scrip bonus. Multiples are allowed. For instance, if Christina gets 4 birdies throughout the event, she walks off with a $100 bonus check in scrip. 

Eagle Bonus

Anyone carding a 2 on a par 4 will receive an Eagle Bonus. The Eagle bonus is worth $50! Everyone playing is eligible for the Eagle Bonus. Again, multiples are allowed. If Danny gets 3 eagles, he walks off with $150 in scrip. Ace pot trumps the Eagle bonus. So if you card a 1 on a par 3, you'll get the ace pot, but not the $50 Eagle bonus.

PLEASE be aware that these extras are not coming out of your entry fee! The money for these bonuses, your dinner Sunday night, the many kegs of beer, the park rental, and much, much more is being provided by Next Adventure directly. Bryan Knudsen will be in the park on Saturday and Sunday hanging out, be sure to thank him for everything!

Player's Pack for NAAC

 Firefly Disc Golf is proud to announce two more sponsors for the NAAC.


Keen Footwear


Innova Discs

That "Dam" Series

North Bonneville 2013 Spring Series AKA “That Dam Series”

What it is: A little friendly competition added on top of the three PDGA sanctioned events at North Bonneville Disc Golf course this spring.

Which Tournaments are you talking about: Bonneville Bare Bones - March 17th, NW Contender - April 6th-7th, and Ring of Fire - May 18th. All three events are PDGA sanctioned and available for sign up at

Where’s North Bonneville: It is located in Washington, less than an hours drive from most of Portland. Check out the course web site at

What will I win: Besides the prestige of knowing that you are one of the best players at North Bonneville there will be a major award presented to the winner and second place in each of eight divisions. There will also be a small prize for the winners and several prizes for “tournament director’s choice” awards. (We reserve the right to give bigger prizes if we get some major sponsors to join us!)

What does it cost to join: There is no additional fee to be a part of the series. Tournament Directors for each event are deducting one dollar from each player towards the series awards. So your only cost is the event fee to participate. But you were going to pay that anyway weren’t you.

How will you determine the winners: Using sophisticated high tech devices called computers we will gather the PDGA round ratings for every round in the three tournaments. We will then find the best 4 rounds for each player and use addition to give you a score for those rounds. We will then compare that score with the other players in your division and the top two players will be winners.

I can’t count very well, how many events do I need to play in to qualify: Since two of the events are one day  events with two rounds each, and the other event is a two day event with a total of three rounds you will need to play in a minimum of 2 events to qualify to win. The advantage being the more rounds you play the greater the chance of having 4 good or great rounds to use for your final score.

What if I play in more than one division (Bagger Rule): Your division will be the division you played in the most. If there is a tie, you will be moved to the highest division you played

2012 Next Adventure Amateur Championship added to PDGA Supertour schedule

 Firefly Disc Golf is proud to announce that the 2012 Next Adventure Amateur Championship has been added to the PDGA Supertour schedule. This makes the NAAC one of four events in the Pacific Northwest at that level. Planning is underway currently and more details will be available in March and registration will open in May.

The NAAC is August 25-26, 2012

 See full schedule...


By The Bottle presents Leverich After Dark

By the Bottle and Firefly Disc Golf are teaming up once again to present Leverich After Dark. This year L.A.D. is a fundraiser for the YWCA of Clark County and they are working hard to gather prizes be a great benefactor. The cost is only $20 with a minimum $5 donation to the YWCA.

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